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As a seasoned designer, my career has been an exciting journey, with constant challenges and new opportunities to work in a multitude of different design arenas. Over the years, I have learned and adapted, accumulating many different skills, techniques and creative approaches. Firstly, I’d consider myself a master of all print-related skills, from using InDesign with direct mailers (including the use of variable data for each mailer), to the actual print production process. But I’ve also worked extensively in the web design field, creating landing pages, designing responsive websites, and developing graphics for mobile applications.

Through this combination of print and web experience, I’ve also gained one of the most important skills in business teamwork! Learning to work with development / I.T teams, and coordinating with outside vendors, is often under-estimated as a skill-set, but it is my experience that solid teamwork and communication are absolutely essential to getting the best out of your final product.
So that’s a brief summary of my professional background, and I’m always looking for new projects and exciting challenges that will allow me to build on this experience — please feel free to drop me a line through the Contact form below if you have any questions, requests or inquiries, or if you would like to see a copy of my full resumé.

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